FrogeNFT Collection

Distinctive Digital Art with Enhanced Rewards

Introducing the FrogeNFT Collection, a unique series of digital artworks that offer more than aesthetic value. Each NFT in this collection not only stands as a piece of digital art but also plays a pivotal role in boosting your rewards on FrogeSwap based on the volume you create.

Unique Features

  • Reward Boost: Each FrogeNFT enhances your rewards on FrogeSwap with 0.025x per NFT. For instance, if you swap $100 worth of volume with an NFT, you receive 102.5 points instead of the standard 100. This boost provides a tangible benefit to active participants in the FrogeSwap ecosystem.

  • Diverse Traits & Rarity: Every NFT is unique, featuring a blend of traits that vary in rarity and occurrence.

  • Artistic Excellence: Each NFT is a masterpiece, crafted with precision and creativity by our skilled artists.

Rarity and Traits

  • Trait Weights & Rarity Breakdown:

    • Common (60%): NFTs with 1-2 traits.

    • Uncommon (25%): NFTs featuring 2-3 traits.

    • Rare (10%): Comprising 3-4 traits, including at least one rare trait.

    • Epic (4%): These NFTs have 4-5 traits with a minimum of two being rare or epic.

    • Legendary (1%): The most exclusive tier with 5-6 traits, multiple of which are rare, epic, or legendary.

Sale and Distribution

  • Start Date: January 18th 2024

  • Reveal Date: January 25th 2024

  • Collection Size: 690 unique NFTs

  • Price: 0.05 ETH

  • Treasury Allocation: 25 NFTs reserved for the treasury to support core team members and for marketing giveaways.

Integration with FrogeSwap

Owning a FrogeNFT is not just about holding a digital asset; it's about enhancing your interaction with FrogeSwap. These NFTs offer a real advantage by boosting the points you earn from the trading volume, making each swap more rewarding.

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