Dune Analytics Dashboard

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the FrogeSwap Dune Analytics Dashboard. Dune Analytics is a powerful platform for querying, visualizing, and sharing blockchain data. Our dashboard specifically caters to users of FrogeSwap, a dynamic decentralized exchange platform. This dashboard is designed to offer insights into the performance, user engagement, and overall health of FrogeSwap. Our dashboard can be found here https://dune.com/frogelabs/frogeswap.

Dashboard Overview

The FrogeSwap Dune Analytics Dashboard presents a real-time overview of key metrics that are crucial for both casual and power users. The dashboard includes the following primary sections:

  1. Leaderboard for Rewards

    • This section displays the rankings of top users based on the rewards they have earned. It's a great way to see who is the most active and successful on FrogeSwap.

    • The leaderboard is updated regularly to reflect the latest standings.

  2. Swaps Analysis

    • Here, users can view the total number of swaps made on FrogeSwap. This metric is vital for understanding the platform's liquidity and user activity.

    • The data can be broken down by various time frames, such as daily, weekly, or monthly swaps.

  3. Total Volume Tracked

    • This metric showcases the total volume of transactions conducted on FrogeSwap.

    • It provides insights into the platform's growth and market presence.

Our dashboard is designed with user-friendliness in mind. Here are some tips for navigating and making the most out of the dashboard:

  • Filters: Use the available filters to customize the data view according to your needs, whether it's based on time frames, transaction types, or user categories.

  • Interactive Charts: Many sections feature interactive charts. Hover over the charts to get detailed information for specific points in time.

  • Updates: The dashboard is dynamically updated, ensuring you always have access to the latest data.


The FrogeSwap Dune Analytics Dashboard is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in the detailed performance and trends of FrogeSwap. Whether you are a trader, liquidity provider, or a casual observer, this dashboard provides a wealth of information to help you make informed decisions.

For any questions or additional information, please feel free to reach out to our support team.

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