FrogeSwap rewards its users for engaging in token swaps. This system is a key component of our strategy to promote platform activity and enhance the overall user experience.

Fee Structure

  • Standard Fee: A 0.88% fee applies to all swaps, effective until the platform's trading volume reaches 10 million.

  • Reduced Fee: Beyond the 10 million volume mark, the fee is lowered to 0.5%.

  • Fee Distributon: 80% of fees are used for rewards, while 20% is kept in the treasuray for Froge development and marketing purposes.

Rewards Calculation

  • Volume-Based Rewards: The rewards each user receives are calculated based on their contribution to the platform's total trading volume.

  • Token Boost Periods: Select tokens may be eligible for boost periods, potentially increasing their value in reward calculations by up to 15 times.

  • Special Events: FrogeSwap occasionally hosts events with additional reward opportunities, particularly focusing on the usage of Froge tokens.

You can read about this further on the Points system page.

Reward Distribution

  • Froge Token Rewards: All rewards on FrogeSwap are distributed in Froge tokens.

  • Merkle Distribution Contract: The distribution of these rewards is executed through a Merkle distribution contract, ensuring a secure and transparent process.

  • Monthly Snapshots: Reward calculations are based on monthly snapshots taken on the final day of each month. This approach ensures a fair and accurate distribution of rewards to all participants.

Token Boost Periods

During these periods, specific tokens receive a boost in their value for reward calculations. This means that swaps involving these tokens will yield higher rewards compared to normal periods. The boost factor can vary, with some tokens receiving up to a 15x increase.

Special Events

FrogeSwap also hosts special events where users can earn additional rewards. These events are designed to boost the utility of Froge tokens and enhance engagement on the platform. During these events, users can expect increased rewards for certain activities, including but not limited to, swapping Froge tokens.

Participation Guidelines

  1. Swapping: Engage in swapping activities on FrogeSwap.

  2. Stay Updated: Regularly check for updates on token boost periods and special events to maximize your rewards.

FrogeSwap's rewards system, with its unique fee structure, volume-based rewards, and token boosts, offers an attractive opportunity for users.

By participating in the platform's swapping activities and staying informed about special events, users can earn significant rewards in Froge tokens, distributed securely and fairly through a Merkle distribution contract.

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