Points system


Welcome to the FrogeSwap Rewards Points System! Our innovative platform not only offers a seamless trading experience but also rewards your participation and trading volume. This document outlines how you can earn points through your activities on FrogeSwap and benefit from our rewarding system.

How Points are Scored

  1. Basic Point Calculation:

    • Volume-Based Scoring: For every $1 in trading volume on FrogeSwap, you earn 1 reward point. This includes both buy and sell transactions across all tokens.

    • Example: If you trade $100 worth of any token, you receive 100 points.

  2. Reward Boosts for Specific Tokens:

    • During special events or listings, certain tokens may have a reward boost multiplier.

    • Multiplier Effect: If a token has an 8x reward boost, for instance, every $1 in volume for that token earns you 8 points instead of just 1.

    • Example: Trading $50 of a token with an 8x boost gives you 400 points.

Accumulation and Rewards

  • Points Tally: Your points are continuously tallied, offering you a transparent view of your rewards accrual.

  • Conversion into Rewards: The points you accumulate are directly proportional to the percentage of $FROGE tokens bought back. This is funded through:

    • 80% of the fees collected from non-$FROGE token transactions.

    • 100% of the $FROGE tokens collected from fees.

Leaderboard and Competition

  • Dune Dashboard: Keep an eye on your progress and competition by monitoring the leaderboard on our Dune Dashboard. This provides a real-time view of where you stand in comparison to other traders.

  • Motivation and Strategy: Use the leaderboard and twitter announcements to strategize your trades and climb up the ranks for greater rewards.

Reward Redemption

  • Claiming Rewards: You can claim your rewards at regular intervals. The process will be detailed in our user interface, ensuring simplicity and convenience.

  • Reward Calculation: The amount of $FROGE you receive as a reward is calculated based on your total points and the total points accumulated by all users during the reward period.

Special Events and Announcements

  • Keep an eye on our platform announcements for special events, which can significantly increase your points and rewards.

  • These events are time-bound and offer higher multipliers for selected tokens.

Our rewards points system, complemented by the Dune Dashboard leaderboard, is designed to enrich your trading experience on FrogeSwap. We encourage you to participate actively, monitor your progress, and make the most of the various opportunities to earn and enjoy rewards. Happy trading!

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